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Enduro  and Downhill race series in the Lake Superior Basin

What is Enduro?

Mountain bike enduro racing is a genre of mountain biking that combines elements of downhill and cross-country biking. The races typically consist of multiple timed stages, which are primarily downhill and focus on technical and challenging terrain. Between these timed  stages, riders must pedal or push their bikes to the next stage (some venues may offer lift access for one stage), but these transfer sections are not timed and do not count towards the overall race time. This format allows riders to race against the clock on the descents while still requiring fitness and skill to navigate the untimed climbs or transfers. The winner is determined by the lowest cumulative time across all timed stages. Enduro races test a rider's technical bike-handling skills and endurance, making it a comprehensive and demanding mountain biking discipline. Want to learn more:

What is Downhill?

Downhill mountain bike racing is a discipline of mountain biking  focused on racing downhill as quickly as possible. Competitors ride specially designed downhill bikes that are built to handle extremely rough terrains, including jumps, drops, rock gardens and other obstacles. Races are held on steep, downhill-only trails that are typically under five minutes in length but are very intense and technically demanding.

Each rider races against  the clock, starting individually at intervals, to achieve the fastest time down the course. Downhill racing is a high-adrenaline sport demanding a mix of technical skills, quick reflexes, and a high tolerance of risk.

What is Lake Superior Gravity Series?

The Lake Superior Gravity Series is composed of events hosted by your local trail organizations.  These folks build the trails in your backyard and where you play. Contact us for series partnership opportunities.
You must register for each event individually but you will be automatically scored for the series. For more info and links to individual race websites.

Enduro Series:
Ride the Keweenaw Enduro
Marquette Trails Festival Enduro
Miners Revenge Mountain Bike Festival Enduro
Bike Duluth Festival Enduro
Copper Harbor Trails Fest Enduro
Marquette Mountain Bike Enduro (Enduro Series Finale)
DH Series:
Marquette Trails Fest DH
Miners Revenge DH
Bike Duluth DH
Copper Harbor Trails Fest DH (Series Finale)

Thanks to The Copper Harbor Trails Club - Copper Harbor, MI, SöKē, Cyclists of Gitchee Gumee Shores - COGGS, and NTN Singletrack for doing what you do!

We will once again score both Open (Expert) and Sport categories for Enduro. The Sport Enduro races will be shorter than the Open category races, and will generally exclude the most technical stage. There will only be an Open (expert) category scored for downhill.
Best 4 of 6 races will be scored for Open Enduro, 3 of 6 for Sport Enduro, and 3 of 4 for DH. Racers will receive a 5 point bonus for each additional race they participate in beyond the minimum.

New to mountain biking?

Are you new to mountain biking and looking to improve your skills? Revolve MTB offers private lessons and clinics for riders of all levels. Our experienced instructors will help you build confidence on the trails and take your riding to the next level. Sign up now and join our of passionate mountain bikers! Learn more:

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